10 Methods for Leaders to Boost Productivity

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Today we look at ten methods for leaders to use to boost productivity in the office. Productivity is a measure of amount of work done per unit of time. Productivity will be measured very differently based upon what kind of business you work in. If you work in a manufacturing environment then you might look at units produced per hour. Every manager out there wants to get the most out of their employees and make them as efficient and hence productive as possible but there is a fine balance between pushing for better returns and overworking or exploiting employees.  Elise Leveque shares ten tips that leaders can use to boost productivity in their workplaces.

While employees are certainly responsible for the level of productivity in a business, the level of organisation and other factors from the management side are just as important. Here are a few things to take into consideration when trying to raise the level of productivity.

1. Create a Pleasing Environment

If your team is a team and not a pit of gladiators fighting against each other, your company will get a lot more things done.

It’s a lot better to have a group of people who work together, help and feed ideas to each other, than people who need to watch their back and try to keep all good ideas for themselves for fear of the competition.

2. Make Your Employees Happy

Underpaid, overworked employees will eventually flee your company in droves. Give them good benefits, a good pay for the work they do and occasional rewards when they excel, and you’ll have them stay, providing step 1 is in place.

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Leaders can and should encourage their employees to push the envelope in order to achieve excellence. Productivity gains can be achieved through many different methods. Process modifications, automation, and additional training are just a few of the ways that productivity gains can occur. There are behavioral and environmental factors that also contribute to production gains which are provided in the ten tips above. Share your thoughts and strategies with us in the comments below. Then modify the ten methods for leaders to boost productivity to fit your needs today.


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