12 Facets of the Collaborative Leader

Symmetry in RedLeaders need to be multi-faceted to navigate through business these days and adding collaborative leadership techniques is one way to accomplish this. Leadership is a complex skill that requires constant analysis and refinement to perform with capability. Leaders must be adaptable to changes both within and outside their organization and respond to these changing conditions in a manner that benefits their team. Often this means adjusting or tweaking their leadership style. There are times when it makes sense to be a forceful leader who makes decisions and forges the way while at other times it is appropriate to adopt a more collaborative effort. With that in mind, we bring you twelve facets of a collaborative leader from Jesse Lyn Stoner.

Collaborative Leaders…

1.  Flatten things. They flatten the traditional hierarchical chain of command and create networks. They also flatten compensation structures so the difference in pay-scale between the top and bottom is not astronomical.

2.  Allow leadership to emerge. They let go of the need to be in control because they trust in the vision and the people. Roles and responsibilities shift as the nature of the work changes, and leadership emerges according to what is required.

3.  Know the business and the landscape. Always learning, they are interested in a wide variety of topics. Not only do they understand their business, they keep abreast of events and ideas outside their own area of expertise in order to see trends and possibilities.

4.  Live in the land of curiosity. Instead of seeking quick answers, they consider the larger picture and long-term implications. They ask good questions that open up possibilities and that help people find their own solutions. They seek information from multiple sources.

5.  Ask for directions when driving. Not only are they willing to ask for help, they are not afraid to be vulnerable and fully human. They know their limitations and what they don’t know, and they are willing to rely on others for support.

6.  Genuinely care about people. They respect people as fellow human beings and care about their health and well-being. They connect with people at a personal level, regardless of their role.

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Leaders need to have different styles of leadership that they can seamlessly work into their office persona to weather the changing environment. Being a multi-faceted leader does not mean that you are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Rather, you are able to deftly switch modes and command your team's attention and also give them free reign to accomplish tasks. It is a difficult but worthwhile balance. A leader is someone their team looks up to and should be depended upon to offer both guidance and a helping hand. Embracing the twelve facets of collaborative leadership will enhance your leadership and gain you trust and respect from your team. 


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