Leaders: Here are 5 Ideas for Keeping Employees Motivated

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Five ideas for leaders to keep employees motivated. A great leader has the ability to bring out the best in their team. One skill that every leader must deftly perform is keeping employees motivated. Keeping employees motivated is a task that every leader will come up against when leading a team for any length of time. Stagnation is a burden to success in business and one to be avoided. Employee morale is a key component of successful companies. Guy Farmer brings us five ideas on how to keep employees motivated. 

It can be challenging to keep employees motivated in any organization in the face of deadlines, workloads, interpersonal conflicts, rules and directives. Proactive leaders are able to motivate their employees even when times get tough because they understand how to help people inspire themselves instead of forcing them to think and act a certain way. Here are some practical ideas on how to keep your employees motivated:

1. Praise employees. Catch people doing things well and let them know that you value their work. Praise desirable behaviors, it will increase the likelihood that people will behave that way in the future. Reinforce positive behaviors rather than correcting people when they’ve, “Done something wrong.”

2. Design and implement motivational activities. Create a weekly program in your workplace where people celebrate each other. You’ll appreciate how much you can boost morale by setting aside twenty minutes weekly so people can praise each other for a job well done.

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An effective leader has to find a way to keep their team together working toward a common goal. Providing your team with a unified purpose with clear goals will go a long way in building a foundation of teamwork that will breed success. People want to be valued with meaningful work so engaging people in work that they feel makes a difference is key. Be committed to your plan for motivating employees by offering incentives and activities that value hard work and dedication. Employ these five ideas for keeping employees motivated. How do you inspire greatness in your workforce?


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