A Few Truths About Management vs. Leadership

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Do you know the difference between management and leadership? Many people believe that management and leadership are synonomous but they are not. A lot of people become managers who are not great leaders. A company will not thrive if a leader is not heading the company and managers are not providing structure. Leaders and managers are both essential to keep a company aligned and moving in the right direction towards success. We take a look at a list of the first five (of ten) truths about the difference between leadership and management brought to us by Dan McCarthy

1. Management and leadership are not the same. Not all leaders are managers and not all managers are leaders. You can be good at one and lousy at the other, or you can be good or bad at both.

2. *Managers plan and budget, organize and staff, control and solve problems, and produce predictability and order.

3. *Leaders establish direction, align people, motivate, inspire, and mentor, and produce change.

*Source: from John Kotter’s What Leaders Really Do, Harvard Business Review.

4. While leadership and management are different, they are complementary and equally important. One is not “gooder” than the other.

5. Organizations need great leadership and great management or they will crash and burn. To what degree of each depends on the degree of change needed.

More at 10 Simple “Truths” about Management vs. Leadership | Great Leadership by Dan 

These truths begin to give us an idea of just what the difference is between leadership and management. Good management is a requirement for any company to succeed by providing the necessary organization. A strong leader will orchestrate and position a company to do great things. Leadership is something to be developed over time while management can be adopted. Take these truths to heart and begin challenging yourself to develop yourself as a leader and as a manager with these truths about management and leadership. 


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