Engaging Employees is Crucial to Success

Would You Fly to the Clouds?

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Employees are a leader's most valuable asset. It is crucial for leaders to appreciate their employees and to see them as integral to success in business. There are many ways to keep employees engaged in their work and it all starts with a good leader acknowledging and valuing their employee's talents. Bill Catlette and Richard Hadden give us some ideas on how to keep employees engaged. One method is to guarantee that employees know that they are working for a common purpose.

You should run the organization in a way that permits all legitimate stakeholders–managers, employees, owners, and customers–to benefit, each in their own way. In other words, we must take care to ensure that the interests of each core constituent are meaningfully represented. Of course, this doesn't make everyone an equal equity partner. But we need to recognize that, regardless of the endeavor, each of us is silently (usually) asking the question, “What's in it for me?” (Or “WIIFM?”) Until you satisfactorily address that question, you really can't unleash much productive effort.

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Many leaders fail to purposefully give their employees the intrinsic motivation that can be required to keep an employee constantly engaged. The first step in meaningfully engaging employees is to unite your employees in a common purpose that clearly lays out what they are doing and why. This along with providing meaningful work, high standards, appropriate benefits, and a level playing field will go a long way in getting your employees to remain engaged in their work for everyone's benefit. 


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