Forward Focus Through Accountability

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How often do you have forward focus through accountability? The two go hand in hand, I really like what Christina Lattimer has to say about accountability below.

Working alongside senior managers across different organisations, I realised getting things done on time and to the standard required was a BIG problem.  It wasn’t just about meeting deadlines; it was about quality of work and also lack of right actions.  I realised some people inherently didn’t quite get “accountability”.  Even worse, some managers didn’t either.

I pondered this for a long time and one by one a number of factors came together.  One day I finally got it. It was a big learning curve and one which made me change the way I led my team.  This dawning once I had it, resulted in me leading hugely successful teams which achieved great results.   What I learned was this:

People do not accept accountability because they do not see the “Why” in what they do.  Lacking purpose, they are resistant to being told what to do because what they are told to do holds no meaning. As a result they remain in their comfort zone and limit their effort.

Don’t get me wrong:  I don’t think people consciously or deliberately hold that stance, but it exists and resistance shows up like this: They will say:

  • They aren’t capable; don’t know how;  don’t have the capacity…..
  • It’s too lengthy;  too complicated;  too expensive;  too messy; too confusing……

…More at The Most Important Question to Ask to Get Great Results

Accountability is another way to create forward focus. By providing the why in what your team members are doing and focusing on things going right, you are creating forward focus through accountability.




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