Project Leadership in 5 Components

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Five components can help you with your project leadership. Project leaders are those who possess an understanding of the scope of a project. They know the required objectives and have the knowledge required to complete those objectives. Project leaders are the true drivers of teams despite the fact that they may not be in a management position. James L. Haner tells us the five important components of project leadership from Dr. Peter F. Drucker.

Management guru Dr. Peter F. Drucker said that the performance of the project leader determines the success or failure of the project. The number one reason that project team members stay or leave is how they are treated by their project leaders.

Dr. Drucker described these five key elements of project leadership:

  1. Leader-follower:  project leaders influence the behavior of team members, and vice versa
  2. Influencing:  project leaders and team members using knowledge and competence rather than position and status to influence each other
  3. Project objectives:  outcomes that project leaders and team members want to accomplish
  4. Change:  needed to achieve project objectives
  5. People:  project leadership is about leading team members

Project Leadership is the process of influencing team members to achieve project objectives through change.

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Project leadership is essential to project completion. The success of a project relies heavily on the ability of a project leader to influence their team and keep them moving forward with positive momentum to conquer project objectives. A project leader is responsible for ensuring that the outcome of a project is aligned with the objectives that were put forth in the undertaking of the project. To ensure success with your project keep these five components of project leadership in mind. 


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