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Organizational Well-Being Through Proper Alignment

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A company that takes time to reflect and act on all aspects of their business and supply chain are working on organizational well-being through proper alignment. A company has to be in sync from the lowest man all the way to the CEO. Proper alignment involves many people and processes that are hardly ever in a one-to-one linear relationship with each other. There are many aspects of a business that must be coordinated to achieve success and vitality through good alignment. Integral Advisors bring us some thoughts on alignment of a company to bring about organizational well-being. 

Every organization faces a delicate balancing act: How do you align the objectives of the organization, with the capabilities of the management team, and the needs of the employees…while taking care of the customers?

It is the most common question I have wrestled with over the last 20 years as I have worked with hundreds of organizations to help them achieve the results and sense of well-being they desire.

Where there is alignment – things work well: stuff gets done and folks feel good.

Where there is not alignment – things don’t work well: stuff does not get done and folks feel lousy.

The three main tools or methods that organizations have available to them to create this desired alignment is Strategic Planning, Team Building and Leadership Development.

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Alignment of an organization to keep all parts driving towards: a greater purpose, delivering superior products and keeping employees healthy is not an easy task to accomplish. Proper alignment of a company is a time-consuming process and one that takes a concerted persistent effort. The process of re-aligning your company could be a challenging and painful one that will experience setbacks. It is a necessary step to keeping your company on the road to success though. Achieving organizational well-being through proper alignment is a truly great reward.