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Attitude as a Driver of Results

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Attitude is a major driver of results. It is arguably one of the top three crucial factors to consider when making a new hire. Attitude is so important because it is all-encompassing. Attitude has an effect on the day to day functioning of the office and work environment. One bad apple can ruin the whole bunch. Attitude is also a driver of results. Someone with a positive attitude can take a seemingly insurmountable project or obstacle and break it down into manageable steps whereas a pessimistic person would take the defeatist attitude to begin with and not make any progress at all. Neil Clark talks more about the pros and cons of hiring new employees with respect to attitude. 

What is attitude? It includes such things as interest in the job, ability to work without constant supervision, ability to think ahead of the game, taking a positive view of things and wanting to contribute. Some of these things can be measured or estimated during the hiring process.

A person with a good attitude has many ideas about their job. They are constantly seeking new ways to improve things. Ask them how they improved their performance in the past. Good attitude people get a kick out of producing the results of their work. They will show a high degree of pride in what they created, or how they managed to improve their performance.

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How many times have you worked with someone who has an attitude that brings you down and kills your motivation? Working with someone who has a bad attitude is a total drag. Unfortunately bad attitudes or moods are just as contagious as good attitudes and you do not want negativity spreading around your workplace. It is important to reflect on attitude when considering someone to join your team. Important questions are: how well do they carry themselves? What in their past speaks to successes and failures and how did they react to them? Ultimately someone with a bad attitude is not someone you want to have around if you can help it because they put a damper on those around them which affects the bottom line. Ensure that your hiring process is screening for attitude because it is a major driver of results. 


How Leadership Can Bolster Achievement With These 5 Actions


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Here are five actions that leaders can take to bolster achievement. Achievement is frequently oberved to happen in only a moment. What is often lost in the picture of achievement is all the hard work that went into that final moment which produced a spectacular achievement. Untold hours of preparation are almost sure to precede any great achievement. David Byrd gives us five great actions that leaders can encourage in their employees to start reaping the rewards of high achieving employees.

Achievement is, again, simply doing the right things consistently over a sustained period of time, and the “sustained period of time” comes to you moment by moment, one day at a time. The quality of your daily choices and actions are measured by their effectiveness, and it is the quality of that effectiveness that determines the degree of your achievement.

Highly effective leaders achieve greatly while ineffective leaders deliver sporadic results and low quality achievement. The difference between these two groups is this: the consistent effectiveness of their actions. You have been blessed with the significant power and freedom to choose. Those goal-directed, consistent, daily choices and actions are the stepping-stones to your future. Choose today to be an effective leader who is committed to consistently effective action that leads to achievement!.

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Achievement is earned through hard work and dedication. High achievers will display certain characteristics that allow them to perform better than their peers. A high achiever will be one who makes effective choices with a positive attitude. People who strive for achievement are very focused and remain accountable for their actions. When someone is able to consistently incorporate these actions into their work then they will be ready to start achieving awesome outcomes. How is your leadership doing with these five actions to bolster achievement.