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Leading a High Performance Team

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Leading a high performance team is of paramount importance for business leaders in every sector to optimize their market share. The capability of a leader to outline a project that gives the team adequate direction, information and outcomes desired is necessary to developing a truly high performing team. This leader needs to work with each team member to guarantee that they know their role and how it connects with other member's roles. Chris Musselwhite brings us a great overview of high performance teams and what skillset is required for the leaders of these teams. 

“A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.”

Using this definition, we can outline three important competencies for the effective team builder and leader.

  • Promoting understanding of why a group of people need to be a team. The team needs to understand its shared goals and what each team member brings to the team that is relevant and crucial to its overall successes.
  • Ensuring the team has adequate knowledge to accomplish its task. This includes information relevant to the team's goals and individual job competencies.
  • Facilitating effective interaction in such as way as to ensure good problem solving, decision making and coordination of effort.

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A team that works well together with balanced skills that function independently to serve a common goal is very effective at completing tasks. Each team member is held accountable by the team leader as well as other team members because each team member understands that everyone else depends on them. A team leader must be able to convey this message to their team without alienating them. Leading a high performance team is a delightful experience that every leader should strive to achieve.