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What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do Book Review

Too much to do? Join millions! Laura Stack‘s What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do takes a fresh approach to productivity with a forward focus. The book will show you 6 basic steps to help you put forward focus back into your work.

The Productivity Workflow Formula™ (PWF)

1. Determine what to do.

2. Schedule time to do it.

3. Focus your attention.

4. Process new information.

5. Close the loop.

6. Manage your capacity.

ROI is a key performance measure used in business. Stack takes ROI to the personal level asking you to look at your PROI (Personal Return on Investment). Do you know where you stand? What is important to you? What are your time wasters? Stack provides quick checklists for each step to help you get on your path to productivity quickly.

Full of useful insights and tips to pare down your task list to a manageable level while providing forward focus, add What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do to your reading list.


5 Tips for the Chief Belief Officer (CBO) in You

Leaders, from all positions are also a Chief Belief Officer (CBO). As a CBO it is important to remember to show that belief in others.

grandmaster FLAX ~ II

Image by striatic via Flickr

Hindu mythology expert Devdutt Pattnaik is the Chief Belief Officer (CBO) of the retail giant Future Group. What do you think that title means? When quizzed by the media, Pattnaik stated that this designation was created to align the objectives and culture of the company and to form relevant strategy to drive sales….More at Designer Designations: Indian companies giving innovative titles to 

Yet it isn’t just about the organization. The Chief Belief Officer needs to align belief in your followers so they see what can be accomplished. What they are capable of. Belief in those around you shapes energy, commitment, focus and drive to be a follower.

Are You a CBO?

No matter your position…

Regardless of your title…

If you want to lead, you’ve got to be a CBO!

Chief Belief Officer

If you want to influence others, you’ve got to believe:

    • Believe in an awesome, empowering vision of what could be.
    • Believe in how your team is making a difference.
    • Believe in each team member individually – their talents, ability, and potential.
    • Believe in your team’s ability.
    • Believe that tomorrow is possible, that the people around you can do it, and that together you’re going to figure it out.


The trick in an electronically mediated world is conveying that belief through leadership. It means taking a step away from the tether and meeting face-to-face. Try these ideas to show your belief -

1. Greet others with a smile and a warm hello. A warm hello is welcoming and individualized. A warm hello to Grandma is different than a warm hello to a coworker, employee or friend. Use this opportunity to invite others to be open and responsive.

2. Show appreciation! Whether for a particular project well done, or the day-to-day mundane tasks of the job appreciate boosts others and shows you are paying attention. Say it rather than sending it, it gives more impact.

3. Recognize that no one is perfect. This doesn’t meant that the job can’t be done, it means it is time to give life to others through your energy, your vision, and acknowledgment of another’s talent. This gives them a chance to soar with the eagles.

4. Give others room to grow. Humans are inately curious and want to show we can stretch beyond the sandbox given by a title. Give the tasks that let others explore their capabilities.

5. Share the glory. If a leader accepts all the glory for a team effort, talents are not noticed or acknowledged. Belief in ones talent can stumble. Frustrations can build. Find a way to show everyone’s contribution.

Improve the mindset of your followers – be the Cheif Belief Officer.

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