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Leadership Coaching


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Leadership coaching is a great way to prepare for the future. One leadership skill is recognizing talented individuals in your company for advancement. Everyone can be a leader but there are some who will naturally work their way into it and there are others who will need some more coaching to become a solid leader. Leadership coaching is a great way to safeguard your team's assets by prepping for future responsibilities. Leadership coaching has to fit in with organizational needs and it can be an expense that will not pan out if the correct corporate infrastructure in place to ensure impactful results. John Hoover talks more about the contextual coaching style that maximizes impact.

It seems that leadership coaching, which has blossomed in popularity over the past decade, has somehow become the tail that is wagging the dog. Many organizations have been subsidizing leadership coaching engagements with no platform, systemic structure for identifying and capturing enterprise-wide trends and patterns, nor anyone responsible for analyzing and reporting to upper management on key strategic themes or metrics.

Leadership coaching might be delivering huge returns for the beaucoup dollars being invested. But, who can tell?

Coaching, as it is customarily practiced, usually takes place behind a veil of secrecy or on a desert island where what is revealed under the palm tree remains forever buried beneath the palm tree.

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Good leadership teams are in a prime position to identify successful individuals that are part of their team. These individuals can make good candidates for future leadership opportunities. Often a leadership coaching situation can be a tangible benefit to the company and the individual. Leadership coaching can be useful for leaders who are struggling with certain aspects of their leadership and just want to solidify certain skills. Leadership coaching is a great way to improve performance when it is done in context of specific situations that arise within your company. Leadership coaching is a great way to get ready for the future.