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6 Leadership Goal Achievement Tips


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Leadership should be constantly pushing their team to achieve goals. Goal achievement and task completion should be top priorities for every person. The ability to perform a task from start to finish is a necessity that every employer looks for in an employee. A leader is in the position of authority to set and prioritize goals that they and their team achieve. Every manager and leader must therefore have the best forward focus and ideas on how to achieve these goals most efficiently to optimize for skills and time. These tips are various ways that leaders can achieve their goals. Here are six leadership tips for goal achievement from Kevin Eikenberry

DIY.  After the goal is set, you can decide to Do It Yourself.  After all, you set the goal, you know the most about it, and you are in the best position to take the necessary steps to reaching the goal.

Delegate/Assign.  After you set your goals you may realize you can’t do all of them alone, and in fact you have some people on your team better suited to do some of the effort.  So in this option you delegate or assign the goal to a person or group – supporting them as necessary and needed.

Engagement. Before assigning or delegating, another approach is to engage people in final goal targets themselves. This includes some involvement or discussion about the goals before they are finalized and before they are assigned for implementation.

Co-creation. Backing up further, another approach is to have the involved people help create the goals from the start.  Having people involved earlier creates more ownership, but in this case it isn’t a mirage – as co-creator ownership is undeniable.

Fast Action Teams.  Once goals are set, put a team together to make progress quickly. There are many ways to identify the team, but in this approach the focus is immediate and fast action and progress.

Plan First. Goals can be set, but if there isn’t a plan for  how you will achieve it, you are off to a bad start. When planning you will identify obstacles you might face and resources you need (among other things).  If you want a template to help you speed up your goal planning, you can get it here.

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Many managers and leaders are type A personalities who love nothing more than to control all of the situations in their realm of influence. This can lead to overworking and not delegating enough of the work or using any of the other methods listed above. We challenge you to do a true self-examination and decide what you as a leader are best at doing and then relying on your team to accomplish the rest. This optimized workflow will enhance your productivity and gain the respect of your team as you show them that you trust them to take on greater responsibility. Try each method on this list and see how it works for you. Let us know in the comments what you struggled with and what you were successful at with implementing these leadership goal achievement tips.