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10 Tips for Leadership Presence


Image by fluffisch via Flickr


Leadership should follow these ten tips for leadership presence. Leaders can fail to get a message across to their team without a sense of presence. Presence is a frame of mind as much as a physical embodiment of power or stature. In order to effectively communicate with your team, you must adhere to the following ten tips from Dianna Booher on creating presence.

Executive presence may be difficult to define, but we know it when we see it. Someone walks into a room, and heads turn. Conversation opens up to include them. When they ask, people answer. When they speak, people listen. When they lead, people follow.

Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do, personal presence can help you get there. Consider these attributes, skills, traits, habits, and attitudes with the intention to incorporate them into your life.

1. Make your body language congruent with your words to build trust and credibility. When there’s a contradictory message, remember that body language trumps.

2. Walk, move, and gesture with energy. Your passion about ideas, projects, and life in general engages others.

3. Be professional, not professorial. Strive for simplicity. Never use a long word when a short word will do. Express your core idea with strong verbs and precise nouns. Use active voice. Don’t let diction and dialect detract.

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Many of us forget to align our entire body to deliver the most powerful presence we can muster. Effective communication dictates that we must incorporate the body and voice to convey as much or more meaning as the words that you speak.  Working on these ten tips will boost your ability to command a room with your presence and to manage your team more effectively. If you seriously engage and follow these ten tips your leadership presence will be greatly enhanced.