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Leading For Productivity

Energizer Bunny

Image by Jeremy Vandel via Flickr

A leader has to be a good motivator when leading for productivity. Productivity is all about producing results. Results are impossible to achieve without enough willpower and energy to accomplish the desired results. A leader needs to be the one to set a good example by arriving at work invigorated and ready to tackle the day's work. This can be accomplished so that one's personal life does not interfere with their work life. Teams admire and follow a leader who acts as an energizer for them. Marcia Zidle has more information on energizers and how they improve everyone around them.  

What is an Energizer?
They aren’t necessarily extroverted or charismatic. They’re people who always see opportunities even in challenging situations;  listen to others and value their ideas, show integrity in dealing with others and avoid maneuvering to get their way. They’re high performers and people want to work for and with them. Bottom line: Energizers have full tanks that propel them to success.

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As a leader and manager, are you overworking yourself and absorbing responsibilities that are not always yours? If so, then it is time that you took a serious look at your workload and eliminate the peripheral or non-essential work and delegate it out to your team. Your function as a leader is to energize your team and be a driver for productivity. An overworked and stressed-out leader is hardly a leader. Leaders need to set the example for their team by putting their best foot forward each day and coming to work ready to go. Leading for productivity requires you to motivate your team to achieve results and it all begins with you leaders out there.