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Leading the Way to Loyalty

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To gain the allegiance of our employees and ultimately our customer, it is important to start by leading the way to loyalty.

Leaders today talk a lot about loyalty, retention, and the business value of empowering employees to be brand ambassadors. Nonetheless, research literature and blogs abound which discuss the erosion of employee loyalty to the workplace, especially among Gen X and Y. The prescriptive leadership and talent management advice runs the gamut, from changes in compensation structures to more flexibility in work schedules, team building and more, all aimed at encouraging employee engagement with the employer’s brand. But the worry persists and with good reason: can the damage inflicted on employee trust by years of layoffs, pay cuts, IPOs and benefit claw-backs be overcome?…..More at 5 Leadership Behaviors Loyal Employees Trust

Loyalty like trust is easily lost and challenging to build. Yet loyalty is a key to success. A great example is Apple. Though they have a small percentage of the personal computer market, they have truly loyal customers. Part of this is the building of loyalty within their employees. So how can you create loyalty in your business?

Start by showing loyalty to those around you. Like trust, when it is given it is likely to be reciprocated. Show support for their goals and their needs. No, you can’t meet every need, but the compassion and understanding shown lets others know that you care, that you are loyal to them.

I challenge you to leading the way to loyalty in your business. Share your successes to help others in leading the way to loyalty!

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Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.
Colin Powell