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Good Leaders Welcome New Employees

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If your company is growing and you need more employees it is a good idea to have a schedule and checklist in place to get that new employee comfortable and integrated into their new working environment as soon as possible. Good leaders will make sure that a new employee gets acquainted with everyone in the company (or at least every department).

A new employee will be nervous about what to do and what the expectations are for them so ensuring a smooth first day is critical in the integration process. Katie Morell writes about onboarding new employees and what to do before, during and after the new hire's first day.

On the First Day

  • Complete paperwork. The minute the new hire walks in the door, Meyer recommends going over the employee manual and finishing any necessary paperwork.
  • Meet with mentor. After the paperwork is finished, usher them into a conference room or out to lunch to meet with their mentor. Leave the room and let them talk amongst themselves, Meyer suggests.
  • Execute one-on-one meetings with team members. Organize 15-minute meetings with each person in the company, she adds. This works best with small companies of less than 20 people (Digital Talent Agents employs around 15 people). Instruct team members to explain what they do and how it relates to the new employee’s position. “Our new hires tell us that this is their favorite part of their first day because it gives them a basic understanding of what is going on from all parts of the company,” says Meyer.
  • Take them to lunch or coffee. Continue the meeting theme by personally taking them to a one-on-one lunch. If this is impossible on the first day, slot it in for the first week or 10 days.
  • Give them something to do. New hires are eager to contribute as soon as possible, says Regan.

“People feel horrible when they are just sitting around, not sure what to do,” he notes. “We try to get them working on something, even if it is something small, as quickly as possible.”

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Everyone hates paperwork so it is best to get that out of the way first. Nothing helps a new team member more than getting some one-on-one face time with their new team. Allowing a new hire to forge connections with their new team is invaluable for leaders seeking to develop strong teams. The best thing that a new hire can do is work. Often times new hires are very excited on their first day and will relish any task given to them so leaders need to ensure that some project is planned so they don't languish and waste all that energy.