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8 Ideas for Leadership Success


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Leadership success is based on a positive outlook and these eight ideas can help you achieve it. As leaders, we must keep our focus on the future and what it has in store for us. We must pursue a level of success that we want for ourselves and not be worried about what past failures signify. We must ask the right questions at the right times in order to achieve breakthroughs. Mark Sanborn discusses eight ideas that can be adapted to become a powerful and successful leader. 

1. You and I know how good we have become, but we don’t have any idea of how good we could be.

What great projects are you undertaking in your business? In your life? Many people go through life driving with their dome lights on instead of their headlights. What you have become is important, but not nearly as important as what you can be.

2. More important than achieving your goals is pursuing your potential.

It is satisfying to achieve your goals and objectives, but that’s no proof that you are living up to your true capabilities. Keep experimenting and trying new things in thepursuit of your true potential.

3. Losers make excuses. Winners make explanations.

Excuses don’t teach you anything and keep you from making needed changes. Explanations help you learn what went wrong and give you insights for needed changes.

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Leadership success is measured in numbers and words. It can be difficult to quantify the specific impact that a leader has but we always look to do so. Success is more than just achieving a percentage growth for your company though. It is also about keeping focused forward and always working towards your potential. It is about learning from failures and implementing strategies to avoid the mistakes that caused these failures. Leadership success is achieved through maintaining a positive outlook with these eight powerful ideas.


Attitude as a Driver of Results

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Attitude is a major driver of results. It is arguably one of the top three crucial factors to consider when making a new hire. Attitude is so important because it is all-encompassing. Attitude has an effect on the day to day functioning of the office and work environment. One bad apple can ruin the whole bunch. Attitude is also a driver of results. Someone with a positive attitude can take a seemingly insurmountable project or obstacle and break it down into manageable steps whereas a pessimistic person would take the defeatist attitude to begin with and not make any progress at all. Neil Clark talks more about the pros and cons of hiring new employees with respect to attitude. 

What is attitude? It includes such things as interest in the job, ability to work without constant supervision, ability to think ahead of the game, taking a positive view of things and wanting to contribute. Some of these things can be measured or estimated during the hiring process.

A person with a good attitude has many ideas about their job. They are constantly seeking new ways to improve things. Ask them how they improved their performance in the past. Good attitude people get a kick out of producing the results of their work. They will show a high degree of pride in what they created, or how they managed to improve their performance.

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How many times have you worked with someone who has an attitude that brings you down and kills your motivation? Working with someone who has a bad attitude is a total drag. Unfortunately bad attitudes or moods are just as contagious as good attitudes and you do not want negativity spreading around your workplace. It is important to reflect on attitude when considering someone to join your team. Important questions are: how well do they carry themselves? What in their past speaks to successes and failures and how did they react to them? Ultimately someone with a bad attitude is not someone you want to have around if you can help it because they put a damper on those around them which affects the bottom line. Ensure that your hiring process is screening for attitude because it is a major driver of results.