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Leaders Need To Know The High Performance Team

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The High Performance Team (HPT) is a great way to energize a business. A high performance team can provide benefits such as increased productivity, increased efficiency, better service and lower cost. The HPT is a pathway to success for those that are looking to help invigorate and motivate their employees to reach new highs in their professional development. Bruce Mayhew sheds some insight on what a high performance team is.

High Performance Team (HPT), must meet many priority criteria to function well and be worth the investment (listed below), otherwise the investment may simply generate employee frustration and low results. Most importantly HPT’s have:

  • The full support of the organization
  • Clearly defined goals that are important for all team players
  • Team players that demonstrate relevant personal talents
  • Thoughtful and effective communication
  • Shared respect for team players
  • Measurements for success

Members of High Performance Teams must also be committed to each other’s personal and professional growth. This combination can result in exceptionally high team performance and ROI for the organization. This combination also holds High Performance Teams together during inevitable setbacks.

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Putting together a High Performance Team is something that takes careful consideration due to the significant investment of resources it takes to get a high performance team running at full productivity. Your business must be fully committed to the high performance team in order to reap the rewards that it has to offer. It is important to lay the groundwork before making a decision to establish an high performance team by defining what the goals are and what you will do to measure the success of the HPT. The high performance team has the potential to transform your business and provide the boost that you have been looking for.