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Employee Satisfaction and Organizational Well-Being

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It can be hard to determine the wellness or well-being of an organization without knowing what organizational well-being is. There are certain characteristics that help to guide us which may include: respect, collaboration, and fairness. These tenets are driven by company culture which starts with the leaders of a company and trickle down. It is a leader's job to dictate the type of environment that they want to perpetuate for their company. Stephanie Andel and Rachel Permuth-Levine write about the close inter-connection between employee well-being and organinzational well-being. 

Richmond and colleagues (2006) explain that job-related stress and job dissatisfaction is evident in those who work in environments with little managerial support. In fact, in a survey of over 90,000 employees, management’s interest in the well-being of employees was one of the main factors for motivation (Gallup, 2011). The question then becomes: how do we cultivate a workplace filled with enhanced psychological well-being? What can managers do to ensure that their employees are happy and healthy?

outlines various methods in which management can focus upon employee wellness, such as (1) clearly stating expectations, (2) allowing flexibility in the workplace, (3) recognizing employees for their efforts, and (4) providing opportunities for personal development within the workplace can have a serious impact on employees’ motivation and job satisfaction. All of these components tie into the psychological well-being of employees.

…More at 'The Manager's Role in the Psychological Well-Being of Staff', Rachel

The overall well-being of an organization depends directly on the well-being of each and every member of the team. It is the job of leaders within an organization to foster an environment conducive to psychological well-being. Employees often thrive in an environment that has clear expectations but that allow for flexibility within that structure. A place where achievements are recognized and rewards are given are aspects of positive workplaces. Employees also flourish when given the opportunity to develop personally and have the time to work on their growth. Leaders must pay attention to their management strategies because they can have a major impact on the well-being of their organization and all employees.