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Leadership Should Focus on 6 Steps to Great Employee Selection


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New employee selection is an important business move for every leader. Hiring the right candidate can be a bit of a mystery if leadership does not have a good idea of what they are really looking for. It is essential to have a structured process that clearly lays out what you are looking for and what a suitable candidate can bring to your team. If you go into the hiring process without a thought to culture, purpose and fit then it is a near certainty that you will hire someone ill-suited for the position. Chris Young discusses six steps that will enhance your hiring process to help you make better employee selections. 

Step 1: Commit to hiring the best talent possible – every time. Committed managers do whatever it takes…  They commit to carefully hiring the very best talent possible.  They commit to studying the performance difference between top and bottom talent.  Committed managers do not rush the employee selection process because they know the costs of getting it wrong are high.  
Step 2: Do not rush the employee selection process. All too often I see a sales manager who is tired of hiring low performing sales people who says, “I am tired of the headaches.  I will do what it takes – I will wait until all steps are taken and the right candidate is found.”  Then they need a sales person next week and they rush the employee selection process.  Within weeks, they regret rushing the process because the new hire is not the ideal candidate.  Take the time necessary to hire the best possible talent.  
Step 3: Partner With Stakeholders. As a manager, it is your job to get results.  The best possible talent will help you get there.  Identifying and hiring the best possible talent requires partnership and the most important partnership is with HR. 
I have a “love-hate relationship” with HR.  Some HR professionals are incredibly intelligent and some are incredibly…  less intelligent.   
Whether your HR person is brilliant or not – you need to partner with them.  You cannot do it alone nor can you work against them.  You need HR and/or at least an external recruitment firm to help you with the employee selection process.        

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Employee selection is vital to your business and every leader needs to have hiring experience. Leaders are best-suited to know the strengths and weaknesses of your teams. This makes being able to think critically and truly examine what your team needs of paramount importance in the hiring process. There are many factors to consider when selecting new employees and you are in the best position to notice whether a candidate is going to work out. Consider the six steps above and try integrating them into your employee selection process. Employee selection is one of the most important moves a leader can make for his or her company. 


Hire People That Fit Your Company Culture

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It is important for every hiring manager to hire people that fit your company's culture. Leadership will initially be responsible for implementing key components of company culture with their first hires and will continue to help shape it over time. Everyone at a company should fit into the culture and believe in the basic tenets of the culture. Hiring good people is a major driver of your success and a fundamental way of making or breaking a business. Elad Gil writes more about his experience with company culture and hiring the right people to fit.

Your company culture is the foundation on which everything you do rests.  Your culture acts as an unwritten set of rules that drives behavior and cohesion across the company.

Cohesive, insular cultures are more resilient and can withstand shocks to it (e.g. pivoting multiple times) as well as can be extremely motivational / draw out the best in people (e.g. engineers at Palintir sleeping under their desks in their belief they are helping national security, the emergence of Google's “don't be evil” doctrine).

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It is necessary for every potential employee to understand what a company's culture is before being hired. Those doing the hiring will need to be keen observers in order to ensure that new employees are the right fit. It is impossible not to notice when a person is not right for a job and does not fit in well. A strong belief in the company culture and a positive attitude are great indicators that a candidate holds potential. There are many ways to engage a potential new employee and more than one approach should help to safeguard against bad hires. Always keep in mind that company culture is an important consideration when hiring new people for your company.