The Accountable Leader

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The accountable leader is someone who possesses the wherewithal to identify problems in the workplace. An accountable leader has rapport with their team and the knowledge of the major events happening inside and outside of the workplace that can affect team performance. By holding themselves accountable to a rigid standard, a leader will demonstrate to their employees what is expected of them. Chris Young presents us with five essential tools that the accountable leader has in their toolbox. 

The fastest way to insure an inefficient workplace with low morale is to fail to hold poor performing employees accountable for their poor performance, thereby frustrating effective employees, who will feel themselves bearing the brunt of others' poor work. Leadership through accountability means taking responsibility for creating a company culture where no one feels put upon by the mistakes of others, and those who perform well know they can expect to reap the rewards of their hard work.

…More at Leadership Through Accountability – The 5 Essentials

We know that there are at least five essential skills that leaders can develop to help generate accountability in their employees. Encouraging openness and honesty goes a long way in building a trusting relationship with fellow employees. Developing an outline that clearly defines the scope and expectations is crucial to engaging employees for maximum benefit. There are more ways for the accountable leader to make their mark? What strategies have helped you become the accountable leader?


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